Saturday, June 7, 2014

A tool to solve any problem

Last year I developed an itch for learning functional programming (so much so that I signed up on a functional programming contest!), and that led me to Brian Harvey's course in UCB (search for CS61A on youtube). I enjoyed that immensely and watched more than 10 lectures from the series. A few days ago when I mentioned this to my friend Sayamindu, he suggested I watch the SICP lectures by Sussman and Abelson. And so I started watching them as well, and I now like these even better. Compared to Brian Harvey's course this one is faster and much more intense. Of course I might have felt that this was too abstract if I hadn't watched the previous one.
So far it feels any big or complicated problem can be solved programmatically using lisp. Since I have been working only on big and complicated software systems for most of my career, I am really looking forward to use it fruitfully.

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