Friday, October 28, 2016

My Javascript workflow

So I am trying out my hand in JavaScript, and want to talk about my workflows. I have two development setups - one on a cloud VM which is a DigitalOcean droplet, and the other is my laptop which happens to run Windows (since it is provided by my office).

On the cloud machine development is super easy. I connect to it using putty from Windows, and write my code using emacs, and run a python server (python -m SimpleHTTPServer) in another shell. I run both these shells inside a screen session which I keep alive, and detach when I logout. I can view pages served by the web server on my local machine's web browser by going to my VM's IP address and using the port 8000 which is what the python module uses by default.

On my Windows laptop it seems things are not that hard. I write my code using Notepad++ or Brackets, and run a node server (http-server.cmd) from the Windows PowerShell. I can view the web pages on my web browser by going to http://lopcalhost:8080 as 8080 is the port used by the node.js module. The Windows port of node.js looks pretty good, which means a lot of web development can be done on PCs now. How do I use git? Well github has a Windows desktop client which makes development in github repositories a breeze!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Poster inspired by podcast on abstractions

I am being mindblown by the world of podcasts, and programming podcasts in particular. Today I heard this episode of "this developer's life" where there was a nice quote at the end. I decided to make a poster out of it.