College-time coding

I have been working in the programming industry for nearly a decade, but I recently realised that I had been a much more interesting (although less competent) programmer in college. So, here goes:

  • I wrote an evaluation engine in C++ for temporal logic
    formulae, as part of a project on Formal Verification of
    Security Protocols using Temporal Logic. I didn't know lex/yacc
    at the time and had to hand-craft a small parser for this.
  • I implemented a set of new realtime data mining algorithms. I built upon some existing code
    and the project used STL heavily.
  • I developed the Linux version of ISIS (IndianScript Input System), a program that can
    enable users to input text using Indic scripts in a
    phonetic manner under both Windows and Linux. The typing system was invented by
    Prof Gautam Sengupta, professor of Linguistics and Language Technology, University of
    Hyderabad. This was a full-fledged product for which I had to learn Xlib, GTK+, and Qt.
  • Developed a MIDI file generator for programmatically generated music, and presented it
    at an Engineering and Technological Fair. I can hardly believe that I wrote it in Turbo C. For the presentation I would generate the file every time and play it on Winamp.

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