Friday, June 14, 2013

Discovering Diaspora

I have joined diaspora -- the open-source equivalent of facebook. But my friends are not yet there. I am trying to encourage you to come on diaspora.
To get convinced faster, read Why Diaspora
It is slower than facebook and has much less features. I don't think there is a good phone app yet. But if you are connecting from a computer/laptop then the experience is not bad. Remember, facebook looked like this when it was first launched.
Also it integrates nicely with twitter and facebook so you can post from diaspora and the post will go to all of your networks at once -- that's neat!

Also the biggest thing is that you cannot easily get hired in Facebook and work on it BUT you can develop diaspora. It is open-source and many developers -- men and women from India and abroad -- are building it. I don't know ruby yet else I'd try for sure sometime.