Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Writing a web app

Recently I have started writing a web app, which I was trying to build for a long time. This time I am much more closer to completion than ever before, and I feel I can easily complete it.
I want to think about why I couldn't do this for a long time, and why I have done a large part of it in a couple of weekends. Possible reasons coming to my mind are:

  • I was misguided by many blog posts
  • I made my first attempt using PHP, just because I knew the language
  • I was focusing on the wrong part of the app
  • My day job and my life in India was draining out all of my energy
  • I was trying to do too many things and not doing most of them
I'll know better when I actually get to launching the first version of the app. So far, here are my learnings:
  • Prefer podcasts over blog posts, if you have learn from the net
  • Put highest preference to books - buy them or loan them from a library - they are worth every penny
  • Start your prototype as a front-end app, using html and javascript. Use jquery extensively.
  • Use a Javascript array as your database, to begin with. It will be good enough for most prototypes.
  • If you are stuck, stop and read a book or discuss with someone
  • Don't start with any app framework - you don't know what you need.
I'll stop here and resume when I have made more progress