Thursday, February 20, 2014

Working remotely works?

Saw this talk today:

It is certainly very hopeful that a company is successfully running with managers and engineers working remotely. The point that Mike makes about work being identified more with a person's presence in a physical location rather than a task is very very valuable. We have moved on from factories and live in the age of the knowledge industry. Today's companies should certainly stop paying attention to location or physical presence.
However I have personally felt that physical presence leads to better brainstorming, more learning, and more socialisation -- all of which increase the efficiency and quality of work. I think what might be good for a company is to allow employees to work 100% remotely for 2 months of a year. This might be helpful for people wanting to travel -- specially those with kids in school. It might also help travel and adventure enthusiasts.
In a nutshell, the more companies judge employees by actual tasks accomplished, the more they'll be able to allow remote work. Which means the chances of Indian companies doing such things is very less -- going by the sheer percentage of incompetent-and-yet-highly-successful people I have seen in my career!

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