Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Flashing roms on Galaxy S Plus

After finally trying out some custom ROMs on my (currently my wife's) Galaxy S Plus I regretted not having done it earlier. The process is so easy and the results are so good! I really tasted the advantage Android offers to users in terms of choice and variety. Here's what I needed to do:

1. Root the phone
Just followed everything written in this wiki
2. Install CWM recovery
Put this file into your phone's internal sd card, reboot into recovery mode (press and hold power+volume up while starting the phone), then choose this file from the 'install from zip file' menu.
After this I hit my first roadblock. The phone was always rebooting into recovery mode. The solution is in this post.
3. Backup SMS using 'SMS Backup and Restore' app
4. Backup your ROM using CWM recovery (takes some time)
5. Download your custom ROM file into your phone's internal sd card and install that from CWM recovery

That's it! The key thing is to get CWM recovery running. The best part is that unlike installing a new OS on your pc/laptop you don't need to backup your hard-drive (which here is your internal sd card).

I tried AOSP ICS, Ehndroix, and then Gigabread+ . The first one was too minimal. Ehndroix was feature-packed but slow. Gigabread+ was amazing and I stuck to it. It is fast, very fast, and has a balanced set of features as well. I strongly recommend it.

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